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How to choose a cooking vacation.  A cooking vacation can be daunting and we recognize that everyone is looking for a little something different, whether it be regarding the activities planned, level of cooking experience, or even the accommodations.  To get you started planning your trip, ask yourself these questions.

What kind of food do you want to make?

The answer to this question can help you pick your destination.  

How much cooking do you want to do?

Our cooking vacations combine a good mix of cooking and sightseeing, as well as visits to local food markets.

Would you like a more private cooking experience, or a group experience?

Most of our cooking vacations can be confirmed with as few as two people, and with a maximum of no more than 8-12 people.

Are there other activities you would like to do?

While cooking and food will be a big component of your vacation, there are so many other activities to do while traveling depending on your interests.

What is your level of cooking experience?

You do not have to be a professional chef to have fun and learn.

What sort of accommodations would you prefer?

If you want to go to the source of your food, then a working farm might be what you are looking for. Would you prefer a relaxing vacation with a spa, then a 4 or 5-star property might be right for you.  

How many nights would you like your stay to be, and what season?

We can usually add extra nights in most of our locations depending on availability.  It is also advisable to have alternate dates for travel as many of these are capacity controlled.

We define culinary travel as discovering a destination’s culture and history through its cuisine.  It is a unique way to travel and engage with locals, and bring back a story to tell.  We can also advise you about cruises with cooking classes with world-renowned chefs.


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